9 Scores, 500+ KPIs: 1 Powerful Index

The Scorecard for Your 360° Experience

Check Success Across Physical & Digital Goals

Simple, Actionable Insights

Vaya aims to provide the simplest path to one question: “Are we on track?” With a web-based interface, your dashboard indicators and alerts are available in one easy to access interface for the shortest path to maximum insight.

Customized Strategy

Our score models enable rapid definition of targets with years of data validation from industry benchmark data while incorporating custom dimensions

The “Human” Element

Your Vaya team monitors dashboard data providing insight and recommendations. Consultant feedback is accessed online via your custom dashboard.

1 Index. A 360° View.

Vaya’s scoring models use benchmark data and predictive modeling to provide you with easy to understand scores in nine essential categories: Traffic, Engagement, Transaction, Satisfaction, Quality, Ease, Sentiment, Competition, and Finance. Set goals and monitor your overall progress with the Vaya index, a snapshot of your digital business built using the measurements that matter most to your customer experience. This 360 degree view puts you at the center of an ever changing landscape and gives you the power to make the decisions that create success.

Monitor Your User Experience

Color indicators (green, orange, and red) let you know if your score is on track for meeting targets, at risk, or in need of corrective action. Alerts notify you of important changes to scores or measures within them allowing you to take action. Knowing when something changes gives you the power to improve your user experience.