Strategy for Growth

Our data-validated roadmap process has produced industry leading digital experiences, revenue, and growth for the world’s most loved brands since the beginning of the web.

Real-Time Insights

The simplest path to identify “Are we on track?” is provided through your Vaya Dashboard. Your performance scores, proactive alerts, and historical trends in one easy-to-access interface.

Expert Guidance

Consultant feedback is shared in your collaboration hub. Expert recommendations, combined with your scores, trends, and goal pacing help to streamline the process of taking insights into action.

Insights & ROI


We test often in all environments critical to the success of your digital experience to measure functionality, content accuracy, mobile and browser accessibility and site performance.

Results Delivered

2% increase in conversion for every second decrease in load time
50% reduction in site defects reduced abandonment by 100%+

Ease & Usability

Ease of use is second only to price in impacting purchase decisions. Usability testing and omni-channel mystery shopping shed light on points of confusion. When it comes to usability small insights can mean big return.

Results Delivered

50% conversion rate increase while reducing time on site by 35%
150% increase in shopper task completion among "new buyers"


The effectiveness and efficiency in building traffic and engagement is critical to ROI. A 360° view of your digital experience cuts through organizational silos and department or vendor roles for end-to-end insights.

Results Delivered

10x increase in site traffic during social media events
145% increase in visits after adding a logged-in user state


A close look at each step in the purchase process will reveal where consumers abandon their cart and where opportunities exist for improved average order value (AOV), conversions, and transaction time across all digital channels.

Results Delivered

25% revenue increase resulting from 16% increase in AOV
100% conversion rate increase while reducing paid search


It is easy to identify the unhappy customers, they are the vocal minority. With carefully crafted customer insight tools you can find out what the majority thinks and focus on items that most impact satisfaction.

Results Delivered

25% increase in visitors who refer to a friend
100%+ increase in customer satisfaction ratings


Your competitors are working daily to capture the attention of your customers. Clever campaigns and targeted ads are everywhere. Know where you stand with detailed analysis of your competitors online presence.

Results Delivered

10% increase in revenue with "buy online ship to store"
100%+ increase in cross-media campaign traffic